August 23, 2015

Hey ^-^

I almost wanted to say my name, but this is my anonymous blog.
I'm a Dutch 14 year old girl and this is sort of my 'diary'.
I'm not good at expressing my feelings, (especially face to face conversations are really difficult) and that is probably one of the reasons I am/was depressed.
It has been a quite long time since I cut myself, but I still scratch or hit myself.
I've had a depression-blog on Instagram, but I sort of deleted it. (it's a fan account now)
That's why I made this blog, I want somewhere to vent. 
I'm quite awkward and I'm coping with (social) anxiety.
That's about everything I can tell about myself, if you have any questions, just ask me something in the comments, send me a mail, or ask for my Instagram or Tumblr.

Hugs from me!

Ps. if you found any grammar or other mistakes, just tell me, so i can learn from it! :)

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